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Yeah, the game menu is now its own complete class. The game menu text is its own class. This made it easy to manage the 3D text meshes with my.. mesh manager. However, getting the game states to work correctly isn't so simple I find out. Now the game menu does not display the first time you enter the game, even though the pointers are valid all the way down to base class that holds the data. It does get displayed after the round though, right now if you destroy all the blocks, or if the ball falls behind the paddle it drops back to the menu, where you can start a new game. So I am thinking its a renderstate or the camera is somehow not looking where It's coded to. Thats pretty much the only thing I have not checked in depth. Right now I'm just happy that I have a menu that I really do not have to do much more with, just tweaking I think. Which is something I can do when it comes time to polish.

That reminds me! Game states are new to me! So good thing I am getting them done, seemingly with ease. I am really getting more and more excited to finishing this. Mostly so I can start on some frame work for a demo engine type thingie. Well, lets just say I know that since it's going to be my 2nd project it's not going to be anything special. Just me learning how to do a better job of all the things that I just leared now to do. I know you know what I mean, I just suck at explaining things sometimes.

Thats right, a demo engine. I'm not sure what it makes you think of, but what I am thinking of is pretty much a full game engine minus the thought of any AI, networking, and maybe no sound. It will pretty much be something for me to play with to sharpen my skills. That is still some time away, I don't even plan to place an announcement or showcase entry untill its either in pre-polish state or post-polish. I am another one of the guys who never thinks its done right until its juuuuust perfect, and who wants to show something while saying "I'm gunna add this here! And I'm still getting the thing setup for that."? So until then, you can check out info here, and I update my project here sometimes-often. :)
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I'd be interested to know how you handle the game states. I've been thinking about having a stack system of the like, but can't think of how to implement it.... Got any ideas?

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Well, my only current idea is my current working code. Which uses an enum and a few case switches on the looped functions.

It works okay the way it is right now, but I started the project loading things on demand. So now when I try to split things up into their respected states, some things were not loaded in the right place.

I think the solution to my problem, which is not getting things loaded correctly, is to make more states. I got the idea from the game included in the DXSDK. Adding a state prior to menu displaying should help to ensure that all the other loops that should run during that state get their chance. Same thing for prior to the game content.

Have you given the Donuts4 demo a look? I thought that it took a month for the thing to finally load into the game, but that was on my older system that I ran it last.

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Yeah, some of it suck with me. I am finding myself typing 'm_p' all the time. Its gunna start making its way into my m_pEmail soon. ;)

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