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It's been a rather productive day.

I woke up at 7:45am when my radio kicked in. I lay in bed, drowsy, listening to Chris Moyles take the piss out of something, until I remembered that today was Saturday and I didn't need to get up to go to work. Switch off radio, roll over and go back to sleep.

Wake up again at 9:30am. This time I actually get up, because at 10:15am (or thereabouts) I head down to the auditorium we're using for the pantomime, with me Dad.

From 10:15am till about 2:15pm, I'm lifting, erecting, carrying, tightening, holding, and screwing bits of stage and scaffold into place. We take a break at about 1:30pm for fish and chips. The 12 year old girl with a crush on me wasn't there, in case anyone's curious.

At 2:15pm we're told that there's not really much more for us to do so we might as well go home. And we do. I sit down and log on properly, and after a while decide it's about time I got out the 50m Cat5e cable I bought last week and put it through the floor.

At about 3:30pm my Dad and I fishing putting the cable through the floor and begin reconstructing the walls and ceiling that we removed in the process.

At 4pm, I wire up the network hub with the new cable, and finally switch my machine from wireless to wired. Ahhhh, feels goooooood.

At about 8pm, I order a Mac Mini from the Apple store. Yeah, you heard me. I bought one. It should be here in a couple of weeks, whereupon I can plug it into the hub and KVM, and begin setting things up for cross-platform development.

At 8:15pm I fixed the printer.

I'm Supermanpig! *victory theme*
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Eh, I was kinda waiting to see if anyone remembered that my pictures from the whole GDNet London thing were still uploaded...

I've now also installed the KVM switch (though the second set of cables are just dangling for now) and fixed the firefox install on the family machine (which wasn't displaying SWFs). I rock!

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