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Hello everyone

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Hi everyone,
I have a website where I'm creating games for blind and visually impaired people. It's address is http://www.TDLGames.com

Yet, that is not what I want to talk about.
Realizing that somethings will be easier if libraries exist for it, I have been creating libraries that may provide a basis for your games.
Currently, the libraries include:
1) TDLSoftLib Basic: Gives you basic fundamentals like speaking numbers and playing sounds.
2) TDLSoftLib Pro gives you the above-mentioned features + a general-purpose Object class, a coordinate system and the ability to create none-player characters (or NPCs).,
Also, I have recently started working on a library that'll make it somewhat easier to create multi-player games. Well, some other libraries may exist for this purpose, yet, I have found none.
"Hey now, in that library above, where's all the graphics coding???"
Regarding graphics, I'm sorry. Since I myself is blind, I naturally do not focus on graphics. (Yet, I would be grateful if someone said 'Graphics programming? That's me! And I'd be glad to help you.')
Enough of this.
Check out
for the TDLSoftLib Pro library.
It is here you'll also find the TDLSoftLib NE (network edition) once it is released.
Take care, and I hope to see some of you going to one of the websites listed above to see what this guy has been doing.
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How do you program? I don't know many people that are blind... how do you browse the net? Very interesing :)

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Sorry I haven't replied before; been terribly busy.
"How I browse the net"?
Just about the way anyone else does it. I have the standard Internet Explorer web browser and in addition to that, I have a screen reader called Jaws for Windows.
This is a software program that is configured to read everything there is on the screen, including links, buttons and such.

"How do you program"?
I use the freely available Bloodshed Dev-C++ development environment. I taught myself most of what I know about C++ and C using online resources such as

I hope this answered some of your questions.
Take care,
P.S.: Please guide me in the right direction by voting in the pole at

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