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Finally, the problem is fixed

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In my last few entries I related a nasty problem regarding the client/server syncronization. Each time I believed we fixed it, only for it to reoccur at a later time, usually under a slightly different form.
Last night, after being sure that it is fixed, I added a new function, to spread the seeds of a plant. After it was added, I trid to test it, to see how well the seeds are spreed, etc. It worked well, but when I tried to harvest those plants that spawned from the seeds, it didn't quite work in all the areas.
That had to do with how we sent a message to an area, so I debugged a little and finally fixed the problem. However, after doing some more tests, I realized that the client didn't destroy some objects properly (ie. the plants after they are harvested).
The server DID send the right message, but the client either didn't remove the designated object, or, worse, removed some other object.
Today I realized what the problem was, and the only way to fix it was to add an extra field to the objects, when they are sent by the server. That field is the local id of the object in the sector. Only 1 byte/object, but yesterday we had to add another 2 bytes/object, so we have 3 extra bytes in total, which is not really good. Right now the protocols are working, but they can be optimized for bandwidth a little.
However, we are not in the mood to do that now, so we will do it, most likely, at the end fo the alpha test.

On an unrelated note, we would like to have someone to make some utilities for us (some sort of IDE for creating server side configuration files, and some other thinngs). I will post in the Help wanted forum, but I don't think anyone will help...
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You sound incredibly 1337 bye the speed of which you get things done, it took me 2 days just to get my ASE models loaded.

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Well, we are reusing a lot of code from Eternal Lands, it's not like we rewrite everything. Plus, we are two, and we both have a lot of experience from our previous projects.

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Yeah....good stuff!

Definetly keep up the journal!


[EDIT:] Do you have a site up? I'm guessing not, for site's are usually developed when the project is finished :). I was hoping for some screenshots.

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Yes, the client code is on the CVS, but without the server (and art) you can't see much.
We are using the same graphic engine as Eternal Lands, and pretty much the same art (but we will have some new objects in the future), so the screenshos will look like Eternal Lands, with the exception that all the houses and crops will be aranged perhaps in a more orderly fashion, since the players will be reponsible for their placement.

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