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139 Microcenturies and counting...

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A little over five days (that's 139 microcenturies). Still doing well. I'll be quite happy when it gets to a week (192 microcenturies) on monday. It will be the next "significant milestone".

If all goes well, the following are the remaining milestones:

Feb 14th: One Week
Feb 21st: Two Weeks
Feb 28th: Three Weeks
Mar 7th: Step down to 14mg patch
Mar 21st: Step down to 7mg patch
Apr 4th: First patch-free day

Still a long way to go, but I am encouraged.

And for those who haven't been following along and are confused: I quit smoking last monday.

In other news, it looks like the book deal for the game projects is *NOT* going to happen. Thus, my faith in the publishing industry is renewed. They make money by repeating former successes, even if they don't wind up with new successes, and they don't take risks very often. When they do take risks and are successful, it is guaranteed that every OTHER publisher will start copying the same idea, and who wants that?

Games to have a finished version of before I die(not a complete list):

Dungeon Delver (a rogue-like game but could also be a heroquest type game)
Medieval Micromanager (turn based economic simulation)
Island or Interstellar Interloper (an elite-like game)
Realm of the Mighty Lemur (a zelda-like game with ff1/dw style elements)

I know that ROTML doesn't use alliteration, but the name came to be a number of years ago, following a bizarre set of circumstances regarding classic gaming, las vegas, a toy store, and john hattan. Remember that if you happen to see john and myself somewhere together and are bellowing "LEMUR!" at each other.

I figure Lemurs would definitely be pissed. They are proto-primates, stranded on an island. I'm certain that together, they'd be clever enough to figure out a way to capture a princess and/or try to take over the world.

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