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Another Small Update

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I haven't done much coding mostly because coding for school really kills my motivation to code for myself. I did play around with a class that would encapsulate the process of paging data but I believe it uses LIMIT incorrectly (it uses it assuming the offset is reference from the rows returned from the SELECT query and not the entire table).

I have also been put off because I initially had some problems setting up Windows 2000 + Apache + MySQL + PHP. I've had the issues solved for Apache and PHP for a while but MySQL persisted mainly because I had no idea how to create new user accounts. After some reading and then some troubleshooting mysql_connect() I was able to get MySQL working for me today.

One script I need to write is the installation script so that I can run it on my system and have it create the database and necessary tables for me (while I make sure the script works).
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