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Auction Action

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Yesterday I bid on my first ever ebay auction, and today I won for the low low price of $3.99 (which comes out to about $11 after shipping and insurance and the cost of the cashiers check required to pay for it and postage to send the payment).
I'm now the proud owner (well, technically... I won't have them for two weeks or so) of 270 pawns. No, not chess pawns - generic game board pawns in 6 colors (the kind used in various other board games).

I plan to use them in a P&P game for markers on a battle mat. I wouldn't have bought them, because I'm not sure I'm going to run the game and if I do it'll be far in the future, but the price was so good (around 4 cents/pawn counting all expenses - bulk price of 1000 of one color is 3.5 cents and I don't want to buy 6000 to get 6 colors since that comes to ~200, and cheapest non-bulk price I could find was 15 cents/pawn not counting shipping) that I couldn't pass it up. Originally, I was going to buy stone counters for the purpose, but that would have cost $15+shipping for 120 stones in 6 colors. Also, I like pawns better since they're meant for the purpose and the shape makes it easier to move them around on the board when there are many in adjecant hexes.
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I need a hardcore chess board to put somewhere. It makes you seem so much more classy if you have one setup somewhere all the time.

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I vote you glue them all to a blank piece of wall and make the best back-scratcher in the universe.

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