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The Car

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Man, it's been a while huh? I feel kinda bad for not keeping this journal updated more often, but it has gotten a bit busy. It ain't getting any slower either [smile]. I'm still scrambling to get all the IGF interviews done (not published, just done) before GDC, so that's taking up a lot of time. Not only do I have to schedule and conduct the interviews, but then I have to edit the chat logs into the final product and revise it with the team I interviewed. It's kinda like movie editing - I can switch around phrases, add comments, create new questions - all to make a better interview. Gotta love post-production [lol]. Running it by the team I interviewed insures that I didn't edit them into saying things they didn't want to say, so they always sign off of the final edit.

Besides that, I've been trying to pick up more work with GameInstitute - we have some exciting developments in the works for the next few months. Stay tuned!!

Additionally I've been playing lots of games (catching up on lost time) and watching lots (and lots and lots) of Stargate SG-1.

Anyways, on to the subject of this journal entry - my new car!! Nothings final yet, although I do have a deposit down on it. It's a black on black 2003 Hyundai Tiburon GT V6 5-speed manual. The guy selling it had a baby and needs to buy a mini van, so he's letting it go cheap - $13,000. Sure sure, I can find the same model car for maybe $11k or $12k... but none of them have:


17" sport wheels w/ new Dunlop SP9000 sport tires, sport suspension, low spoiler, Magicar alarm w/ 2-way pager, remote start & trunk opening, all around Tuscani emblems & 2.7 elisa badges (including rims) - this is official... Original korean name. Also, custom mesh grill nose job (class & sportiness),tomato A&P eyelids, S2000 Antenna, injen cold air intake & SSA Headers w/ stock exhaust. Engine pearls, sounds sporty but not annoying/loud. Last but not least: Centerforce dual-friction performance clutch!

Muahahahahahaha [evil]

I took it for a test drive today and it really is a sweet ride. Very powerful, and that clutch has mad grip. It's either enganged or disengaged. I'm totally psyched. My parents are co-signing my loan. I just have to work out a few more details in the purchasing and whatnot, and hopefully I'll be driving it home this weekend!! [grin]

Here are some pics for you all to drool over [smile]

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I'm soooo hooked on Stargate SG-1! I've been watching them on dvd as they come out and I won't watch them out of order. Your new car looks neeto. Manual 5 speeds are way more fun!

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Thx guys

Noaktree - yea, SG-1 rocks. I'm waiting for my buddy to download the Season 8 vids. I just started watching Atlantis from the first episode two days ago.

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