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Worms of the world, unite!

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Finally got back to doing my Jetlag knockoff in Flash. I started it a few months ago, but got busy working on other stuff. Wondering on what other projects I could start, I remembered that I started that project and got stuff moving but didn't finish it.

Playing around with the graphics a bit, I changed the little character (who TANS still insists defies definition as anything other than a smiley-face) and the "trail" to green circles, and the main character ended up looking a bit like a worm. I then named him Winston Worm and "WhirlyWorm" (a game-name with which I'm not in love) was born.

Worms are always popular for games, because they don't need much for motivation. Since they've barely got a brain at all, anything they do you can just chalk up to being a worm. If he's a space-ranger or a military character, you've gotta explain WHY he's running endlessly down the screen. A worm, however, can just crawl downwards for the sake of crawling downwards.
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