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Brandon N


So, after just over a month, work has turned out to be pretty awesome. If nothing else, learning Python alone has made it worthwhile. It's really nice to have all co-workers whom you respect and like.

What I'm particularly happy about is that unlike so many of my classmates on co-op, my position is one of design and creation, not maintenance. As my first time in this sort of setting, I must admit it's a strange feeling having your code be that which is shown to the Board of Directors, when you've only been around for a handful of weeks.

Oh, it's Valentine's Day. I received this massive package from my girlfriend... I'll wait until I get home to open it methinks. Life is good.

I'm pretty surprised that no one has really shown any interest in my offer to work on an MRPG. I guess a realistic, fun project isn't what beginners/intermediates are looking for nowadays.

I would like to thank a particular mod for his show of support and offer of aid. The Mods are a good balanced bunch here.

It's probably for the better that no one is interested anyway, as I've decided to give real thought to joining an acquaintance (from here no less) in a serious venture. I'll still have some time to work on the MRPG, but I'd rather commit myself to something more worthwhile.

Also, if anyone else is interested in the source to my Assembly Game then I'll probably get around to setting up a page with a source download along with a FAQ. Or, more likely, explanations to the questions about the source that I've been asked by others who've downloaded it. (The answer to most of which: "It was a hack so it would be finished in time.")
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