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2 years aniversary

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Today it's been 2 years since Eternal Lands it's online. We started from 0 players (duh!) and now the record (as of yesterday) is 446 players online. It doubled from one year ago. Hopefully, next year we'll have close to 1000.
Anyway, there were no special events going on today (at least not as far as I am aware of). Should have done something special, but it was monday, and we had some other things to do.
Today I also finished part 4 for the Eternal Lands post mortem, I'll let you know when it's published.
Yesterday I wanted to do some work, but unfortunately I had to try to solve a problem that's going on between a newbie helper and a few other newbie helpers and a developer. While I did hope for a short and effective meeting, that prelonged for more than 4 hours, and nothing good came out of it, so I just left.

After I finish posting this entry, I will work a little more at my vegetation, for Barren Moon. Hopefully I will be able to finish the function that decides what happens when a resource TTL expires.
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I'm forward to the forth part of the post-mortem being published, I liked the first three. And congratulations on Eternal Lands' second anniversary.

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Yeah, two years seems a long time, but it actually passed by very fast. Besides, the first year wasn't that great.

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I am not a programmer and I know nothing about coding a game but I play EL alot and truly love the game (and if i can get paypal to take my smegging CC then I would send you some money) and just wanted to say thanks for doing a great job and can't wait to see barren moon.

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