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Brandon N


I decided to kill some time tonight and whipped up this.

Unfortunately those were converted once too many times so they don't look very nice, but I've written up quick and dirty sprite functionality with Python/OpenGL. I'll probably make a light text-based protocol client/server app out of it when I next have some time to kill. It's largely already written, it's just a matter of integration.

Well, that and some sort of focus.

My main issue with Python is that is seems rather daunting to release anything with considerable dependencies as an executable with py2exe. I have yet to even try it so it's really lazy/idle conjecture at this point. More importantly, it's impetus for me to just release everything in the public domain.

Also, pertaining to Python, it's nice to be able to crank something like this (and a few other things) in a night and have it be either reusable or easily tossed away. I wish I could say that about my C++ implementation of a "Program to Evolutionarily Generate Articulate Motion." *sigh*
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