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File Class

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Today I created a safe FILE* class - thanks to a tip from Coder [smile]. Also I have replaced most pointers in my library with references or other workarounds. My engine code is defiantly more reliable, safer, and shinier than a week ago. This is good since many other tools depend on the core library.

I have sketched out a basic structure for my file packing system but have not decided on an encryption method yet. Any suggestions would be helpful. I need something that decrypts fast enough yet allows decent protection.

I managed to get the other day. I've been working on a new website where I can put pics and programming stuff. Should have something up soon.
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I'm by no means a security/encryption expert, but I've used the TEA (Tiny Encryption Algorithm) before and it worked fine (for my purposes).

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Thanks again Coder! I whipped up an implementation and am impressed by its simplicity and speed. I'll need to compare it to my other choices now.

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