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New shirts

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Myopic Rhino


Weekly weigh-in: 227.0

We getting some shirts made to give away at the GDC. The one I'm wearing here is the demo shirt they sent us before printing the whole batch. We'll probably run out, so stop by our booth early and pick one up.

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I was curious to know if you house-deal pulled through?

Anyways, best of luck


P.S. I do like the shirts!

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I would totaly buy a GDNet shirt, =D

omfg, now i really want one =D

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Yeah, we'll probably make them available to buy after the GDC. We just have to work out the logistics, because we don't want to keep a large inventory of them on hand.

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We hope to have a couple different shirts available to sell, including a possibly different design for this shirt (original design had front/back printing, but front-only was cheaper for GDC handouts). But like Dave said, we need to figure out the logistics.


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Dude, I want that shirt! =D

Well, figure out the logisticamisms and let us know ;-)

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