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Today Im at work speaking with a few co-workers about how we could go about reengineering a very old (I mean old) application. The application is an scheduling application that was built with VBA of all things using M$ Access as its GUI front-end connecting to an Oracle Database...dont even ask.
The horrid thing about this application though is that it's the last of those application dinosaur app's that some how manages to make it through SOX and any other review the company puts our apps through.
Anyway...so were talking shop on how cool it would be to do this and that, create a web service for this part and security and so and so on. You know how it is, talking code with fellow hackers and bragging low key about the technolgies that you know of and how there sure to work and why. But then it happens, everyone is feeling good and then one of those kind of "people" show up.....A "Project Manager". This guy over hears our conversation and then drops this bomb, "Hey, why dont you guys see if there is something built already that does that."
WHAT!...it was odd because I think by the look on our faces he kind of ended up with a worse look on his. More or less it we were like "Screw it, Im taking my ball and going home", I mean who in the hell wants to find something thats already made we just wanted something that was ours from the ground up. Hell we configure and hack through ridiculous third party vendor code all day as it is.
I know that companies these days are about being efficient and financially productive but damn, if you want to keep the tech heads happy just a little then let them build some stuff raw, let us design the protype before you send us through the hellish vendor circus please. Let us birth a "child" or as we used to say back in the mid nineties..."that's (insert developers name) baby".
I dont know maybe its me but I miss pre 2000, hell if you could compile code let alone write it programming jobs were falling out of the sky. Now all they want is people who have skills with the latest third party tool or a suite of (whatever application tools) which most arent even industry standard...just popular standard.
But long gone are the days when you were left with a few brains in a room, a white board and a idea. Pfffft we live in some boring brainless times.....Corporate I.T. is a drag.

LOL, I feel like Napoleons Uncle right now...instead of 1983 let me go back to sometime like around 1996.

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I do see the need for using third party APIs in software, all that standardisation, time saved, etc... But it doesn't make it any nicer. Hell, I love playing around in guts. The one problem you have with using 3rd party code is what do you do if there's missing features? Half of the time you spend working round the lack of a certain feature - you have to wonder if that time would have been spent better doing it your own way.

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You hit it on the head, we spend more time adding in features that didnt come vanilla out of the box anyway so go figure. But a silver tongued vendor salesmen does a better job in the "living room" then most eggheads if you now what I mean :)

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