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OMFG! A new screen shot =)

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Some more changes to the ruined atrium:

We are going to make the cavern walls higher, right now we think they dont project enough grandure=/

Recently screen caps have been rare =) Mainly because most of our work is now centering around details of existing maps, and the actual scripting within them.

But, we just finished the green deadline, and this saturday we will have a kick-off for the blue deadline *which ends march 18th*

To refresh you all...

The Red Deadline was for: All of the scripting in the lost region.
The Green Deadline was for: All of the scripting in the castle.
The Blue Deadline IS for: The final battle and the aftermath.

So, we now come to it, the last leg of our scripting =) This is all that separates us from beta. Once beta testing comences we will fix bugs and begin the 'pollishing' proccess, to create and integrate final graphics, tweak maps, tweak dialogue, tweak stats, etc. Once pollishing is well under way, and after all the dialogue is tweaked to perfection we will begin the Voice Casting process, and then the Voice Recording process.

Once this is all done, and we've tested and tweaked and poked and proded and snipped and clipped, then, and only then, will the game be fit to sell (we dont want any bugs).

It is very surreal to have come this far, and to be on the doorstep of a quality finished indie game.

P.S. for all of you that wanted to help on the spell stuff, I applogize for being so late, but it's been a busy week, both IRL and MW wise, I will deliver those links now =)

-Raymond =)
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