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Ols (Away)

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Ols - turning the corner

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Ah, the joys of programming.

Shame they escape me at the moment. The game is starting to become a bit of a drag to work on, but needs must.

My current task is to get the AI car to turn the corners properly. In theory, once this is done, there will be very little left to do. But, as per usual, far easier said then done.

There are, as would be expected, four types of corner (rotate an L through 90, 180 and 270 degrees if your not sure what they are), and each of these can be approached from two different direction, meaning that there 8 corners to write code for.

My idea was that I could write the code for a single corner and then reuse that. Clearly that was far too neat and simple to work and so it looks like, at the moment at least, I need to right each one seperately - this is mainly due to the way the AI algorithm works - which it does suprisingly well!

I have so far programmed 3 of the corners, which has taken me in excess of a day, but I would hope to get the rest done in under this time as I now have the gist of what is going on.

Not a very exciting entry today really is it! Cant really beat my vaginitis entry from previous! But hey, at least this one is relevant to my coding.

Screenshots are still wanted I know, but at the moment the screen is an absolute mess of numbers etc. They will come. I promise :-)
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I know what you mean about the joys of programming escaping you... What I used to do was try to finish up the piece of code I was working on and get started on something else (even if that meant leaving a few loose ends... I mean, the player will never find out, right? [grin]). Having a short attention span doesn't help, heh.

Good luck with your game B)

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