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Finally converted

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Myopic Rhino


I started using Netscape back at version 2 or so, and I've followed it through its various evolutions through Mozilla. I've always used the integrated mail component, so I resisted switching to Firefox until Thuderbird went commercial (and because plain old Mozilla is still pretty damn good).

I finally made the switch last night. The only problem that I encountered is that Thunderbird didn't import my Mozilla email correctly, probably due to the fact that I haven't done a clean install in years, so there are settings in my prefs files from a very long time ago. I was able to work around that, and everything seems to be working well now.

I keep my broswer/email synchronized between my laptop and desktop. The browser portion of it is easier because of the bookmark extensions for Firefox - which is really the only thing I need to synch. I still have to manually copy files for email, but at least the number of files I have to copy is smaller now.

Anyway, both are nice improvements, and I'm glad I finally made the switch. The only thing I miss is the ease with which you can launch mail from Mozilla, and vice-versa.
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I started using Netscape 3 the first time I went online (December 1997). I didn't really like it, because it crashed a lot. But, still, I used it exclusively. Then when Netscape 4 came, I was happy with Netscape 3; Netscaped 4 crashed far more than the previous version, and was the worst browser I ever used.
Netscape 6 was realatively better than Netscape 4, but it was leaky like hell, so I switched to IE.
Recently (a few months ago) I switched to FF due to the problems with IE security (got all kind of spyware), and I am very happy with FF 1.0. Never crashed on me, it's relatively fast, doesn't leak THAt much (but still leaks),a nd, best ofall, it's far more secure than IE.

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Firefox crashes, but it's more convenient than IE (tabbed browsing, a host of extensions). Thunderbird is actually pretty crappy: it's just an email client, but anyone with even a modicum of complexity in their life requires a personal information management solution. I use Outlook 2003.

Migrating my mail from Thunderbird to Outlook was a pain. I had to run a program called mbox2eml to generate a bunch of individual .eml (Outlook Express) files, then drag those into Outlook Express (because Outlook - non-Express - opens them as attachments when you drag-n-drop), then finally import from Outlook Express into Outlook. So much for free software if you can't even provide a way for my data to easily migrate to other solutions, and no, "Just use UNIX mbox" is not acceptable.

Besides, Outlook syncs with me BlackBerry. Thunderbird isn't even aware of Firefox (they don't share extensions, for instance, despite being built on the same codebase, for instance).

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Didn't even see your reply until now.

I'm not all that thrilled with Thunderbird, for many of the reasons you mentioned. Mozilla Mail was better in many ways because at least it itegrated with Mozilla. I recently switched from Eudora to Outlook at work, and I'm considering switching to it for my home account as well.

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