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Rob Loach


I've been experimenting with Lua and it's pretty neat:

Might even encorporate it into the engine sometime. It would hard to control gamestates using Lua though. It would be interesting though. Having a completely Lua driven game engine. I'm sure it has been done before. Any thoughts?

Speaking of game states, I'm having an aweful time with mine. Whenever I get a new state working, another one stops working. And then I have troubles with having variables alive in different namespaces and blah blah blah. I really need to working out the design.

Random Interest

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Like I told you yesterday, CryEngine is pretty much all Lua-driven. fagiano can tell you all about it; PM him or check his post history.

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I found Lua was ok until I tried to bind it to my game (eg: getting/setting game objects, etc). After that I got too confused and dropped it.

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Well, I prefer it. But (and this is a big, Jennifer Lopez-sized but) it doesn't have the community support that Lua has. Lua has a HUGE userbase and tonnes of add-on libraries, GM is quite small and has only a handful of users in comparison.

I'd say it was worth checking out GM, along with AngelScript, Squirrel, SpiderMonkey and the others if not at least so you know what's out there before going with Lua.

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