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Focus issue and Scripting

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Well, now that I have started adding the GUI stuff to the program there has been issues with getting focus. It only happens at about one out of five launches so I am sort of confused about why it is happening. Other then that I've been catching up on homework that I haven't been doing for the last week... there is BIG task.

For a while now I have been parsing a text file: map.data to get the information for the base map. Once the map is loaded you can save and open the map in a serialized format. The problem is that I cannot get the graphics to serailize. Once I figure out how to do that I can have a format that holds all the information about the current state of the game, as well as hold all the graphics. Once this is working, I get a simple method to compress and uncompress on save and load. This way there is simply one file that holds all information about a game you are going to release to other people. This prevents people from having to make sure that they have the right graphics installed on their system (a common problem with rm2k). If I can get the music and sound to also be serialzed I am all set :)

Anyway, since I have been parsing my map.data file I have made a simple scripting language that is unnamed because it only handels a few methods inside my application. For instance:
tracker.Add_Tile 0 0 tile_grass_01.png
adds a tile at <0,0> and with the graphic located in the graphics directory. Now my eventual plan is to either get jython or rhino running as my scripting language. The other idea that I had instead of a scripting language was to just include the java compiler for windows/linux/mac (with the option of choosing your own) so that all the scripts are simply compiled when you hit the build scipt button on an event dialog.

So right now I am on the fence about including a scripting language or just including a java compiler to do the work. What do you guys think?
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> So right now I am on the fence about including a scripting language or just including a java compiler to do the work. What do you guys think?

You should check http://www.beanshell.org/ and http://groovy.codehaus.org/. I think they are great things.

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