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What I've been up to...

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Lately I've been working on my personal site, and the new version should be completely online within the next day or two.

I've registered a domain name for the book:

I'm trying to figure out the most efficient way to perform triangle picking on the terrain mesh. The terrain is made up of "chunks" with each chunk having it's own vertex and index buffer. I could load them into a D3D Mesh object, but that would be inefficient in my opinion. The pro to using a mesh object is that it easily supports triangle picking with built in support for it.

Aside from getting ready for GDC 2005, I've been working on finishing up the software updates article. The example uses CodeDom and Reflection to output an exe that can apply the patches for a specific file. This was an extra improvement that I felt would be an interesting addition to the article. Another part of the example is how to use ILMerge developed by Microsoft Research where multiple .NET assemblies can be merged into one. I use this to merge PatchEngine.dll into each exe generated so that users only have one file required to perform an update.

I will post again tommorow with some more news!
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