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Yesterday I went to my first ACM student chapter meeting at school. There were only 4 people there, including myself. Doesn't seem like we're very popular!

We tossed around ideas of things that we can do for the group, and how we can raise money. We thought of having a LAN party on campus, but I really can't see many more people than the CSCI people being interested, but we'll see. Also, for a side project, we're planning on doing a game. I suggested Tetris, seems like it'd be good to me. Perhaps we'll use the heads of the CSCI professors as the pieces! [lol].
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Two words for a perfect fund raiser: Pizza, Beer..... Tetris is a good place to start [smile].

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Mmmm, pizza good. Don't know that the school would like us dispensing beer on campus though [lol]. I bet we'd have more members of the ACM as well, people who aren't even CSCI majors [wink].

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We have regular LAN parties on campus here, there's a society known as FragSoc. It was setup by computer scientists, and quite a few come, but most of the people that come are role playing geeks from the Sci-Fi/Fantasy society...

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