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Hey, I have a showcase

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Evil Steve


I just remembered that I have a GDNet showcase. So I've added my Pong game (Hooray!) and my TA contest entry. It was pretty hacked together, and could definitely do with improving, but it rocks a bit more than I remember it rocking. Probably because I was fed up with it after 2 weeks of pretty much constant coding, and then some crunching on the final day.
I've been doing some stuff to my bombercan clone, I'm just gonna wimp out and make it 1 player and CPU. I could maybe add 2 player option on the same computer, but I can't be assed making it 2 player with network. My next game will be tetris or pacman, just so I can say I've done it. And then I'll get a multiplayer chess game done. That'll be easy peasy. Or perhaps I'll do the chess game first. Hooray!

Oh, here, have a bomberman screenshot:
That red splat is a particle effect that you get if you "accidently" set off a bomb under the player. It looks better in motion. There's also a rather nice splash and menu screen, and a wonderful state system being used. Hooray!

I must stop saying "Hooray"...
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I can't wait to see it. Too bad it's DirectX -- I'll have to wait until I can build my Winbox.

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