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My plants

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Today I almost finished the whole vegetation system. Just a few more lines of code, and then some extensive testing (which will be done tomorrow) and it's ALMOST done.
I am saying ALMOST because I do not take into consideration the temperature. This will be implemented later on, once we rewrite the weather system to make it more accurate.
Other than that, things are going smoothly, both with Eternal Lands and with Barren Moon. Today I tried to toy with some elctronics I bought recently, but my soldering skills still SUCKS, which frustrates me to no end. It's like I am cursed to never be able to use my hands for practical, down to earth things. At least I am a decent programmer, so I don't have to worry about it. No one can do everything (ok, except for Yann L, but he is teh g0d) :D
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