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A time for change

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Myopic Rhino


When I started at Qualcomm in February of 2003, it was with the understanding that I'd be working on their implementation of OpenGL ES, as well as writing 3D demos to go along with it. For the past year and a half, almost all of my time has been dedicated to working on OpenGL ES. It's been very rewarding - I've gained a much better understanding of the way OpenGL works under the hood, a much deeper knowledge of 3D graphics in general, and a lot of exposure to the low level operation of graphics hardware (the implementation I've been working on is software-based, but we're now transitioning to hardware).

But we've reached the point where most of the new development is done. OpenGL ES will evolve just as OpenGL has, and new features will be added, but these new features will probably only exist in hardware. So the work I've been doing is rapidly becoming less interesting.

Fortunately, about 6 months ago, another team here at Qualcomm was started with the purpose of both supporting game developers and producing content for use by marketing and product management. Because of my background, I've been on loan to this team part time, but because the team was small, the focus was on the support (going to conferences, doing presentations, etc.), and not on content development. But now, the team has grown larger, and they have a need for someone to work on creating games and demos full time, and as of today, that someone is going to be me.

I'm pretty excited about it. Other than the demos I wrote for BOGLGP, I really haven't had time to work on any games or demos for almost two years, and now I'll be doing it full time. I also have almost complete freedom over what I develop, so it should be a lot of fun.
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