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Planet texture, again

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Not much time today, so i'll be short. You can view a full 2048x2048 planet texture generated with my algorithm here. By the way, if you are wondering why the corners seem "distorted", that's because it's a single face of a cube that is going to be applied to a sphere, so the deformation is taken into account when generating the texture.
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It doesn't appear to tile. I assume thats planned?

Nice job though, I'm impressed.

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It takes 135 seconds to generate the six textures (so about 22 seconds per view), running at 20% of a 2 Ghz CPU.

It does not tile, but that's normal, it's applied onto a cube. I could show the other 5 textures and you'd see that their seams all match perfectly.

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that seems quite slow to generate, whats taking the time the perlin noise?, the texture generation dependant on terrain factors? etc
did u try the new perlin noise its quicker for 3d noise
theres a nice implementation in the glsl forums at www.opengl.org
(not that im advocating perlin noise for terrains though it looks crap :) )

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