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Yes, even code monkeys can be knowitall snobs

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Yet-another clipart comic.

I decided that I needed a recurring character. And since it's just easier to base a character on yourself, I invented "The Lazy Programmer". This character is based on myself, only he's not as lazy as I am because people cannot accept that a person as lazy as myself can actually exist.

It appears to have worked, as I already thought up an entire story-arc of about six more comics involving the cast of characters below.

For those who don't get the joke (most of you), the monkey's providing a direct quote from one of Gamedev's funnier characters.
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Recommended Comments

I am not amused.

Of course you're not. There's nothing more pointless than making fun of a person who can take a joke. At its core, satire requires either that (1) one ridicule those things that are intended to be taken seriously or that (2) one take seriously those things that are intended to be ridiculed.

You, my Buffalonian supplicant, take yourself so seriously that you actually thought that your forum-quote (repeated by the loutish code-monkey) should have been considered as anything more than the the reilleyesque rantings of a person who has all the life-experience of a 20 year-old kid living with his parents in a suburb in upstate New York.

Furthermore, anyone who has ever met me knows that I do not suffer well those who take themselves too seriously. To reveal more than I should, it's a pet psychological quirk of mine that I am not just tempted but am absolutely compelled to hold to ridicule those who take themselves too seriously at a level proportional to their own personal stuffed-shirtitude.

Hence, following the three above paragraphs that define satire, show that your attempts at nobility tend to make you come off like a humorless richard, and my physical need to ridicule those who come off like humorless richards, the comic had no choice but to appear. It's a physical law, as immutable and impersonal as gravity.

And what naturally follows (and what you've likely figured out already) is that your non-amusement at the comic has guaranteed further and more biting comics as surely as holding a rock at arm's length and releasing it will cause it to fall.

So you can curse me just as much as the person falling from a building curses the impersonal forces that will inevitably render him a lifeless blotch on the pavement, but resign yourself to the fact that it's out of your hands now.

If you intend (and I hope you do) to make a rebuttal comic, be aware that it'll require you to follow definition (2) mentioned above, as I am more willing than anyone to ridicule my own personal dumbassitude. So work with it.

Oh, and if the comic ends up being a stick figure saying "hi, I'm John Hattan" followed by another stick figure shooting me in the head, I'll be sorely disappointed. You're literate enough (if not witty enough) to do much better. Perhaps just a long-winded rant about how I'm a prime example of how the universe has it in for you would be more your style.

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