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And the stat bar come in the NIIIIIIGGGHHHTEE!!!!

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behold! the final iteration of the long awaited

LIFE AND MANA BARS!!!!!11111one(3-2)

Cool Features:
-They indicate you're level of Life and Mana
-They can be moved anywhere
-They snap to screen edges and other windows
-Low Profile! (they dont take up the whole damn screen)
-They are finaly done! ;-)

so tell me how much you love them damnit!!!! =D

see the comments button!
Tell ME!
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As I posted in the isometric forum, the bars should deplete in an orientation based on what side of the screen its on.... that way you can stack and have on the seperate sides of the screen and they always looks good :)

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I've considred that, and sugested it to a few people,
and some dont agree.
So, the other option is adding a checkbox in settings.
but i think thats just a little too anal =)

so, they are gonna stay like that =)

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