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So angry!

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Picture that best sums up this update:

Ok update time.

The humour portal is starting to get a good amount of content. I am thinking of making a small change to it though, by getting rid of the flash movies section, and starting a new category in its place just called 'Random stuff'. This is because there are a number of items that I would like to add to the site, but at the moment have no place to be put in.

On another topic, I am angry. Very angry. I did a search on google, and all the angry emoticons that I found just don't look angry enough. Not even this one! The reason for this is because it has been so long since I have updated the comic. It shits me that I seem to be getting less and less time in the days, and then as SOON as I think I will get time to do an update, the moon spins the opposite way, ducks fly backwards, and a bunch of little things pop up that steal my time. I think the main reason it annoys me more than before is that I have two sites in my sig now, and I am worried people might start to look at it as a time line of failed projects. The thing that makes it tricky to update the comic is that I usually have to get it done quickly before the topic it is based on becomes too old, which means I cant just do a panel now, a panel a bit later on, and just work on it over time.

I think I just need to force myself to work on it no matter what.

While on the subject of interviews, you might be interested in reading the one I did with Raduprv (Radu Privantu). The thread has been opened up for members to ask Radu any questions they may have about MMORPG development, so if you have any questions be sure to head on over and ask.

Current list of stuff to do

  • GDnet comic - Updates

  • GDnet comic - New site (community based)

  • GDnet Humour Portal - Done

  • Web based game with other GDnet members

  • RPG storyline with Genjix

  • Updating Stickies

  • Possibly interviewing another member - Done

  • Creating a page for the humour article Gdnet members wrote (the 'what programmer are you?' post)

    -- Not related to GDnet

  • Work and Uni

  • Trying to get some drawing done

    This updates prediction of the future:
    On the eve of 2600, we finally make contact with aliens. Unfortunately by this point, we have become such an indoor species that 99.99% of our population are geeks. This is bad since, just some amazing chance, the aliens are the biggest jocks in the galaxy, instantly beating us into the ground and taking all our money. The only defence we can muster is to ignore them and hope they get bored, which backfires on a massive scale, killing millions upon millions of people. In out most dark hour when all looks lost, a second species of aliens appear, which are apparently the keepers of the universe. They ground the attacking aliens for 2 eons, and tell them they are not allowed to hang out with any other species until then. We also get in trouble because earth is so messy. We eventually admit we haven't cleaned up in quite a while, after which we chuck a hissy fit and storm off to Mars.
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