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So it is officially the eve of me getting my new car. I'm driving up tomorrow morning to pay the guys and claim the Tiburon as my very own. My dad and I closed on the loan today and got the car under temporary insurance today as well, so that will hold me until the guy pays off Capitol One and clears the lien on the car and mails me the clear title so I can get it registered.

So excited!!1!pne. I will of course be posting pics of me and the car tomorrow [grin]

I'm also still anticipating the release of T2D. I must say I'm surprised more people didn't speak up about it in my last entry. Since T2D is obviously the coolest thing ever, it must mean that no one reads my journal. [bawling]

Yea whatever [wink]

So I filled out my tax returns today - got that done and over with thank you very much. I made less on my Federal return this year, but at least I still got money back, since I nearly made twice as much money as the year before thanks to Great Adventure. I did get $4 more this year from my State return tho. Fancy that.

Anyways... gotta rise relatively early tomorrow to pick up the car... WHOO HOOO!!! So I guess it's off to bed...
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I'm interested in T2D. What I'm wondering is that since you've got a script language and a 2D game engine that runs in a window, what's keeping 'em from making a version that runs as a browser plug-in? Flash is pretty entrenched, but it's still slow for a lot of arcade-type games, so something like T2D would be perfect.

You'd have to take out a lot of functionality from the plugin engine so somebody can't make a plugin that'll delete files from your machine, but it otherwise seems like a modest thing.

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Hmmm... interesting thought there John. You should post that in Josh's .plan and see what they say [smile]

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