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Yet To Begin, It Is Done

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Today I finally replaced my 6ft tall x 1 foot wide bookshelf with one 6ft tall and 3 feet wide. My room right now barely has a path from door to PC to bed to closet (I literally have to jump over stuff to get to the closet) and there are still two piles of books sitting outside my room, but now I can finally start putting it all back.
Previously, my dresser was covered in asimov and orson books. Also, because I changed desks (from a 10 year ikd particle board desk with a few drawers and a shelf to a simple desk I built with my father made of plywood and 2x4s that is 100x as sturdy, with room for my desktop tower and speakers to be level with my monitor), I had a ton of books that used to be on a shelf that are in the pile as well. Of course, where the 1 ft-wide shelf was I didn't have room to put the 3 ft-wide shelf, so I had to unload my 4 ft*3 ft shelf and move it over to make room. And that's where all the junk that is now in the middle of my room came from.
Whenever I move out of my parent's home, it's going to have to be to a perminant residence, because I'm not going to move without my books and there is no way I'm going to move twice a year in dorms (to them when school stops and away when it ends).

While going through it all, I found quite a few interesting things, such as several games on 5 1/4" disk and tons of other old game stuff, such as the manuals for the few SNES games I had, game genie code books, and tons of books about editing doom through quake (including raven's hexen and heretic). One of the 5 1/4" games called 'tracker' included a small poster with an image similar to the box cover, and it looks rather interesting (it has a large brain floating in some kind of machine with a spaceship or something on a runway flying toward the brain). I also found that I had an Ultimate Doom poster with signatures of all the people that created it (not actual signatures, but still pretty cool).
In addition to all the game-related stuff, I found some of my father's college books with with various assignments dated around 10 years before I was born, and it's interesting IMO that he had to do the same pointless work I am required to do, despite the vastly different degrees.
Besides that, I found TONS of my old programs saved on various floppies. Well, at least I think that is what they are due to the labels on the disks, but I haven't made sure the disks still work or that their contents didn't change after they were labeled. I'm afraid that many might be damaged because I let so much dust settle on them, but I did the best I could to remove it and once I get everything organized I'll check them out.

Despite the protest of my parents, I'm keeping much of the obsolete stuff I have (such as a boxed copy of MSDOS 5, the games on 5 1/4" disks, and a commercial 386 memory manager with 2 manuals and a single 3 1/2" floppy) because I figure it'll both help me remeber my past and also might be usefull teach the next generation where they came from. It seems most kids these days don't understand the present because they know nothing of the past, from the NES to computer disks (excluding the disc shaped ones). I'd probably be better myself if I knew anything about the systems that came before my memory, like the C64, or those that I played at the edge of my memory, like various atari systems.
I might one day get rid of the media and just keep the boxes and manuals, but for now I don't need the room quite that bad and I don't have to destroy the stuff by tearing the boxes to flatten them or remove the cardboard/plastic filler.
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