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So I've finally gotten around to py2exe (at the end of a long, exhausting day). Well, after prevailing against numerous PIL, numarray and OpenGL package issues, I have a python "executable" up and running.

That sounds well and good until you realize that 78.3KB of code and images (.png's) turn into a 15.3MB distributable directory. I should be able to thin it out, but that's quite a large demo.

[ Moments pass. ]

Well, after (partially) arbitrarily deleting .dlls I've brought it down to 11.0MB. I'll have to build this deletion into the script. For some reason all of the SDL*.dll's have reared their ugly heads. Perhaps PIL utilizes them?

I think 10.0MB is a somewhat more reasonable download (though that's before any media we add as well as Glut's 232KB), with a source option for those with python installed.

I clearly already have a habit of appending an ellipsis to my journal subjects.
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