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More Bomberman

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Evil Steve


Well, I've added powerups to Bomberman, and I've changed the code around a little. The music no longer stops and restarts when you change state, although you can force it to if you like. Now the splash screen and the menu screen both have the same music; Attack Music by Machinae Supremacy. Hooray for libvorbis. Here, have a screenshot:
More bomberman
The two powerups visible are Beer (Messes up your controls and gives you a score boost) and Bomb power increase (Makes the explosions from your bomb travel 1 square further).
I was thinking of making it slightly different, so you have to collect beers so you can throw them at enemies to kill them, and bombs can only be used for destroying walls. I'd make it so you have an infinite supply of beers, and you have to drink one to get a bottle. If you drink too quickly, you get drunk and your controls get screwed up.
Or I might just go for the bog standard bomberman :P
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