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cheese and crackers

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Well, I bought Half-Life 2 yesterday. Mostly for the Counter Strike 'mod' that is included. If its bundled with the software, I dont really consider it a mod, but you get it. I play as hatekick, phear me. ;) Naw, I still suck.

Long story short, I'm still a shitty coder I guess. I need to rewrite a function that is dependant on a class being pased as an argument. It solves t for sphere to plane collision. Some of the first attempt code is commented out.

float CColSphere::CollideAABB(const CColAABB &s, float tcount)
Vector3 S = Internal;
Vector3 D = Direction * Velocity * tcount;
Vector3 P = s.Internal + s.ClosestToPoint(S - s.Internal);
Vector3 C = S - P;
Vector3 N = Normalize3( C );
//Vector3 R = S + ( N * -Radius );

float d = ( C * N ) - Radius;
float u = ( d - ( C * N ) + Radius );
float f = ( D * N );

//float f = N * ( Direction * Velocity * tcount );
//float u = ( R - C ) * N;

float t = u / f;
if(t <= 0.0f)
Vector3 b = s.ClosestToPoint(Internal - s.Internal);
Vector3 c = (Internal - (b + s.Internal));
Direction.x = -Direction.x;

Direction.z = -Direction.z;

if(c.x && c.z)
Direction = c;

if( s.Contains( Internal - s.Internal ) )
Direction = Internal - s.Internal;

Direction = Normalize3(Direction);
return 1.0f;
if(t < 1.0f && t > 0.0f)
return t;
return 0.0f;

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