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Victory! (Albeit minute)

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Chalk one up for the small guy. I've dug myself into the glorious hole of graphical API, and I don't plan on finding my way out anytime soon.

SDL is my little pawn for the time being, until I get a good hold on more advanced topics, and finish my little pet project. I've already coded a Tetris clone using the help of several tutorials, so I'm going head-on with this project all by myself. When I've completed this, and utterly polished it to perfection, I will continue my journey by reading the book 'Programming Role Playing Games with DirectX - 2nd Edition' by Jim Adams.

My to-do list has thus been revamped and updated:

SDL - Learning
DirectX - Next to learn
OpenGL - Final study

Civilization simulation - In progress*

As you can see, I'm actually working on things, and not letting 'life' get in the way. This is life, and life is good :)

* Working on drawing tiles to the screen via a bitmap and an array of integers defining each tile on the map. When the code is clean and working properly, I'm going to work on loading the information into the array from a file or files. Finally, I'll create a map editor. After that's done, I'll think about what to do next, and update here.

PS: On a final note, I would like to thank those who commented on my first entry. Thanks for the warm welcome, my brilliant peers!
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Have you gotten anything down in SDL yet? If so, put up some screen shots. Until then, I have a couple of tutorials up on my website to get you started.

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