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Vegetation again

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The vegetation part is done (was done yesterday), now the plants grow, die, change to other plants (like a mature version of a baby plant), drop seeds, and take nutrients from the soil.
Right now I am working at the client side, to allow 'baby objects'. basically, a baby object will have the same shape of a big object, however we'll use scalef() to make it look smaller.
I didn't try it yet, but the results should be satisfactory, I hope. In order to save some bandwidth, a baby object will be transmited to the server without any additional field. Instead, it's size will be encoded in the object id field.
The object id is an unsigned int 16. We will never have more than 8192 different objects (curently we have a little more than 1K), so we can use the last 3 bites for the object size. This way, we will have 8 different sizes for each object, at no cost in bandwidth or disk size.
Right now it's snowing a lot outside, so if the roads will be bad in the morning I'll stay home and finish the baby objects. If the roads will be good, we'll go to work, and if I am not too tired when I come home, I hope to almost finish them tomorrow.
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Will there be a whole ecosystem, akin to UO, wherein there are natural predator-prey relationships (i.e. plants compete with other plants for sunlight and nutrients, animals eat plants, other animals eat those animals)?

The plant-growing system sounds really neat; I'd love to have a little house where I can cultivate weird varieties of game plants.

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Yes, the goal is to have animals eating plants, and animals eating animals. However, in the spirit of playability, wild animals will not starve if they are out of food, and will respawn if they die.

As for growing plants, you won't be able to grow them in a pot. Only in a greenhouse, or outside.

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