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That's looking very awesome. (I'm the one you can never reach on AIM [grin]).

I'm really looking forward to seeing this completed.

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yeah so are we =D
soon though, very soon, given that we are actually starting to think out the logistics of recording voice tallent, should be a sign that things are coming to a head =)

and yes, we are sill on scheduel for a march 17th closed beta, if i had to guess, and remember it is just a guess=)

I might just say that you will be seing a retail version of MW during a time when swimming and sunbathing are rampant *hint hint*, but remembe, you didint hear anything from me :-D

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hehe, yes we are planning to replce the font engine, to allow for 'better' 'faster' fonts.

Do you have a particular font that we should use in-mind ?

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