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Working away.. phew!

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Whether it's training in the art of thrust and parry in the ages where kingdoms warred each other, or studying the mathematical art of coding a game, one truth stands its ground: nobody said learning is easy.

I've spent the better end of yesterday perfecting the display of the map in what I now call 'CivSim'. Basically all it does is take values in an integer array, reference those values to a bitmap, and display it to the screen. Needless to say, that was the easy part.

What I wanted to do is be able to have a very large map where you can scroll using the arrow keys. And I wanted it done not per-tile, but per-pixel. Obviously, I needed to mipmap the edges of each tile on the edge of the screen that weren't displayed. That definitely proved to be more code and logic than originally anticipated, since I had to account for any humanly imaginable resolution (the window will be able to be any size by any size). It's done now, however, and life is good, so rejoice!

I will definitely post some screenshots as soon as I've completed the map editor. Since this is my first time coding anything other than example programs from a C++ book, I am proud to announce that I have, as well, properly implemented reading and writing to files so far, so I may store the maps. It feels great when such simple victories hold so much value.

Edit: Thank you, Rob, for your helpful comment. Your tutorial site looks quite intriguing.
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