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Abstract RPG?

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I was thinking a lot about games I have recently done. They are all abstract in nature. Sure, some of them have concrete themes, which gives them various levels of "cuteness"

So I was also thinking about the more complex projects I want to do, in particular "Dungeon Delver", which incorporates most of the elements we have come to expect in computer RPGs.

And I began to think about it abstractly.

The character doesn't need to be a person. He can simply be a shape. And all of the monsters can be shapes also. Weapons, armor, treasure, etc. All shapes.

Missile weapons are no longer blowpipes, slings, bows, and crossbows. They are now "zingers" that propel various forms of projectile "zings". There are no more thrown weapons like darts, daggers, or hand axes. These are "flings." And melee weapons are now "pingers"

Or maybe I'm just getting loopy. At least it is creative.
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hehe forced creativity for the sake of being creative ususaly doesnt come out right =D

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yes, it is still in essence exactly the same as nethack, but without the NAME for anything being what you'd normally expect in such a game.

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Yeah, nethack came to mind for me too. Since early incarnations of it were entirely ASCII graphics, it was pretty-much abstract by definition.

I'm also reminded of the old arcade game "Venture", which was sort of a hybrid of adventure games and Pac Man. Your adventurer was basically a red smiley with a bow-n-arrow.

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