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Rob Loach


Did some work on Aster (working title)... The asteroid image transparency is screwed up as well because I saved the asteroids as JPG instead of PNG. Whoops... Easily fixable though. Haven't started the actual game code. Just have the asteroids flying around randomly. Should they bounce off one another? Again, thanks goes to noaktree for the asteroid images.

I've pretty much given up on looking for a GUI system for SDL. It's much easier just to have your own menu system. I'll eventually get to implementing one. We'll see. It also really helps to have a state machine to control your game states [smile].

Random Interest

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I wonder - If the asteroids bounce off one another - will the larger ones have more mass thus sending the tiny ones flying? It might be difficult to navigate through that.

Are you planning to have them rotate as they move?

It's going to look nice! Decided on ship graphics yet?

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The asteroids already rotate when they move [smile]. I don't have a permanent ship graphic yet. I'll be using the one provided in SpriteLib until I find a better one. I also have about three artists who would be willing to do one as well as a title logo.

As for angle displacement when they bounce off each other, that's a good idea, didn't think of that.

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OO-State machines for game states are seriously nice. I'd never go back to holding variable flags and nested if/switch loops. Ewww.

Asster? [grin]

The game looks purty.

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