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Motoring along

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Well, I finally sat down and coded a simple renderer for a dodecahedron with SDL and OpenGL in C++. I did a couple of really bone headed things while putting it together, like completely borking the normals, and at one point using a cosine instead of a sine. But, it's looking pretty good now.

I think next I'll rebuild SDL_Image library to remove the dependencies on the jpeg and png dlls. Actually, while I'm at it, I might just repackage both SDL_Image and the main SDL library into a single DLL.

After that I'll probably start working on some textures to apply to this guy. Using only solid colors it's very hard for me to tell the difference between 12 different shades. Right now I'm considering some 10CD/C10 temari patterns, and possibly mokume gane textures. The problem with temari patterns is that they're intended to applied to the entire surface of the mari, so might not work very well with a different pattern applied to each face. I'm also tempted to use some Millefiori to generate patterns. I think I have enough polymer clay lying around that I could generate a nice Clichy Rose design for a couple faces.
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