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good morning folks

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Okay, it has been a while since I have uploaded the current state of the project, so I did that just now. Download if you like. And if you do try it, use Alt+F4 to exit... sorry. You get 3 lives. If you clear all the blocks, it starts a new round and adds another row. Sometimes the ball gets stuck in a stright line, use the corner of the paddle to get it to bounce out. That stright line direction is what prompted me to 'fix' the collision code, but I guess that still didnt help. I should have more time tonight to try to fix it again.

Oh yeah. I bought a new monitor. It's a Samsung 997DF T/T, I like it much better than my last 19" CRT. I bought that one from a Best Buy in 1999 for $400, which I thought was a deal. I bought this one from a Best Buy for $200. I do think its a curved grill/tube with flat glass on the front. But I can get good edges, and 1600x1200 @ 72hz is okay. I use 1280x1024 @ 85hz for desktop, text is nice and clear. Yay!
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