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Well, I've got the Load and Save working perfectly. But creating a New Map is giving me some difficulty. There seems to be a process that is not pausing when I erase the array of tiles and replace it with the default grass Tiles. I measured how long it takes to create a new Map and as long as it is under the time to render the frame it doesn't freeze. So this means for some reason the Engine is not pausing the Main loop when I am telling it to... The result is that you can make new maps as long as the process doesn't take longer than the current frame render. So I can create a new map that is up to 90x90 tiles without freezing....

Like I said earlier I have the Load Save and (partially) the New buttons working. The Up, Down, Paint, Paint - With Vert are also working ( along with the comboboxes to select the correct graphic. Right now the Comboboxes are running of a static array of the graphics in the Sprite Cache, but I am working on getting these to read correctly (I was having a problem with getting Actor graphics in the Tile Graphics array)

None of the Actor dialogue is done yet, but I'm working on it.
Other then GUI work, I have figured out how to dynamically load a class from the disk. This means I can go like this:
character01.addEvent("Activate", "say_hello.class");
This will make it so when the event "Activate" is called (this is the default) it runs the "say_hello.class" from the disk. So now I have a folder that is labeled 'Events' in which I can add all events that are going to be in the game. Think of these like scripts, but compiled already into bytecode.

Each event is only run once per activation, so data can not be stored in the event, but a new Actor class has to be extended to hold that information.
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