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James T. Kirk: "Fire!"

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Rob Loach


Just added the ship and bullets to Aster. Sadly the vector math is really screwed up with the ship so whenever you attempt put on the thrust, the ship disappears. I'll get to that later. You can also see how screwed up the image transparency is on the asteroids are. I'll fix that when I get the time. Should add anti-aliasing to the ship as well.

I think I should reduce the size of the window to something like 400x300 or something. I think the window size is too big right now as it is. Could even have the window an actual square (ex 350x350). As for the actual gameplay, I'm thinking of having powerups. Different weapons, warp drive, extra shields, etc.... Any other ideas?

Random Interest

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Your game is showing incredible potential. If it helps any, I'd like to share some possible ideas:

- Reflective blaster. Cannon fire reflects off of asteroids when it hits them, so you can possibly hit multiple asteroids with one shot.
- Missiles. Break large asteroids into nothingness in one shot. Obviously very limited ammo.

- Shields. Should have both manual (need to hold a button to keep it going. Drains as you're using it) and automatic (turns on when asteroid is within damaging proximity.)
- Gravity engine. Has a constant-emitting wave of outward gravity for a limited amount of time. Gently pushes asteroids away from you as they come very near. This would deflect asteroids slowly coming by the edge of you, but not deflect asteroids coming quickly head-on (but slow them down as they approach a little)

Good luck!

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The vector class has for properties: X, Y, Distance and Length. When you change the distance or the length, the x/y coordinates change accordingly. When you change the x/y coordinates, the length and distance of the vector changes accordingly. The problem comes up when I try to translate the ships rotation to this different coordinate system. I think I'll have to add 90 degrees and then convert to RAD to have it work correctly, we'll see.

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I think the correct formulas for working with vectors like this are:

xspeed = speed * sin(angle);
yspeed = speed * -cos(angle);

You have to convert angle from a regular angle to a radian I believe.

I think that's right but don't quote me on it...

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