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Shader Editor

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Work progressed on the shader editor today. A CEdit control currently displays the shader code with no syntax highlighting. Figuring out TAB capability took some time until I came across this CodeGuru article.

The editor's shader materials are going to use an extended version of the standard shader material class. It is necessary to create this special version in order to emulate certain features of the normal shader class. This all has to do with the way model data is stored within the editor and allowing shaders access to basic material data.

The editor save functionality has been postponed until shader materials have been implemented so I don't have to continually update those functions.

In other news, development of my new website has been progressing steadily. It is a completely dynamic site using mySQL and PHP. The news page has been successfully implemented and allows for 8 topics to be viewed at any given time with a dynamic menu linking to previous news topics. The control panel is now my main focus. It will allow me to add news, games, projects, and photos in very much the same way as we post to these forums. Each topic will allow for comments - so visitors can anonymously throw stones or give praise.
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