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Oh Bother =D

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So, last night was filled with alot of additions to existing maps, to make them more interesting, and more 'filled out'.

Right now i am trying to think of all the different 'Magic Runes' that we should have for the game, here is what I have so far.

Class1 Spells:
Arc - A electrical web that streaks across the floor
Singe - A column of fire
Stone - A thrown rock
Spike - A crystaline projectile

Class2 Spells:
Zap - A ball of electricity
Burn - A fire ball
Razidion- A sharp skipping stone projective
Vitrolic- A caustic acid pool

Class3 Spells:
Shock - A column of electricity
Cremate - An intense firey torch spurt
Boulder - A huge rolling boulder
Phantasma - A ghostly apperition (possible turn-coat possesion?)

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