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Ambitions, Desires, Bookmark of the Day, and Drivi

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So I just noticed today that my journal made Mushu's vaunted Approved Journals of Awesomeness list. I'm honored [smile]. Makes me wish I had some cool pics to post today, but sadly my camera has been quiet of late. Not to say that I have as well! Tuesday was of course the crazy gym night, I was just too tired to post yesterday. I also messed up on a trick on tramp and now my back is a little sore.

So I hit up GG today to learn that T2D is only "days away" from release. I can't frikin wait!! I want to program again soooo bad. I haven't programmed anything for almost two months now!! It's killing me! AUUUGGGHHH!!!! *choke gasp gurgle*

*pants for a bit before recovering*

Damn that was close. Almost seized up and died there.

While browsing the IGDA forums I came across a post in the Lounge about a Star Wars fan film called Revelations. I checked out the trailers and the documentaries - really cool looking film, for the budget anyways. The lightsaber fighting they showed in the teaser/trailer was a little fake-looking, especially from my standpoint as a stunt actor, but it's hard to know the film like that considering the kind of dedication and spirit that obviously went into making it. I wish I had found out about it earlier so I could have secured tickets to the premier before they sold out. I really hope they decide to release it again - I can't see why you would go through all this and then release it in a theater only once.

However this film brought back my eagerness to direct, produce, and act in my own fan film. I already have the script written. I guesstimate the runtime at ~15 minutes. It's an action-oriented feature with 4 lightsaber battles/scenes. Since all my buddies are fellow coaches/martial artists, the fights will of course be fast-paced with lots of gymnastics and martial arts. The thing I like best about the script is how it focuses on the essence of Star Wars, the battle between Good and Evil. I hope to begin production (finally) this Summer. We'll see.

Finally, I'm still having so much fun driving around in my new car [smile]. Just had to say that, cause it's awesome. I'm going to show it off to some more of my friends tomorrow night. And I also just realized a few minutes ago that today would have been perfect to take my pic with the car. Dammit! Tomorrow (today) it's supposed to snow again. Stupid snow...

Ok ok, wrapping up here. I decided I needed a cool little "column" or something for my journal, so here it is: Bookmark of the Day. Similar in concept to my Blast From the Past entries, I'll post a cool bookmark of mine every journl entry. To start:

Bookmark of the Day

How to write a design document
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