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Miscellaneous news

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Hi everyone,
Time to post some news and other things that are interesting.

After much work and much experimenting, I finally managed to get high score posting and bug reporting to work. The way this worked before was that the respective functions opened an instance of the standard browser and use the GET method to send required information to the server.
Now, no web browser is opened. Instead, it uses the Windows Sockets to send the required information. I also developed a small test game in order to test it; the source code for that game is up on the members.gamedev.net/TDLSG website.
Also, because this could benefit other users, the source code to the high score posting function will be put up on the website.
Please Note: The Test game is called ChickenKiller. It is linked to a DLL file called TP.DLL. This DLL file is unnecessary for this version; instead, add the .CPP file contained in the HSP.zip file.


A few new games are under development. One of those games is a strategy game. The story goes somewhat like this:

"It is war-time again. From your company, Only ten men have survived until now. And yet, the group is suddenly confronted with a dangerous mission:

'Go to the enemy base. There, you are to find and kill a single man. His number is XXX [xxx will be replaced in the game].'

And now, the group starts moving out and away from their base into the mined area of No Man's Land..."

It is hoped that a little interest will be taken in this game once it is complete.
That was all for now.
Take care,
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