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Defines and pixels and corpses, oh my!

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If there's anything that fatigues me more than any else, it's pixel art. However, I have a few tilesets ready to go, and will now begin the coding process of making the appropriate tile index drawn to the screen. When I fell asleep, I actually dreamt of an algorithm that will work better than the original one I had planned.

Lesson of the day for me: Whenever I have a #define doing a calculation, ENCOMPASS THAT DAMN CALCULATION IN BRACKETS! Man oh man, was I kept up for too long trying to figure out why a supposed 16 * 16 was displaying 1024.

On a lighter note, I got a job yesterday. I will be slaughtering helpless little animals, and gutting and cutting their carcasses up.

Okay, maybe that wasn't so 'light'.

(Screenshots coming soon to a journal near you)
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