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Way long time, no posts to show for it

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Well, I have been somewhat busy this quarter, between picking a double major in Computer Info Science and Political Science, I am now catching up to PS just as I reached senior level CS core. I am taking interesting courses this term, mafia and corruption in Russia, a methods of political analysis course, the obligatory CS course is operating systems this term, and Calculus 3(here that is Sequences and series). I am currently studying for my calculus midterm(second midterms always suck!) and registering for classes for next term(which is about 4 weeks or so from now). So far I am still splitting between CS and PS, taking my final elective for Computer Science(intro to comp. graphics), since it is from the same professor as my OO3DAPI course, I think it will more than liekly be an extension of the concepts that I learned from that class. Well, that is about all I have for the moment, as I need to study math stuff now.
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